Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Zumba Sisters-in-law Videos

Since my sister in law, Mindy, was Zumba certified (a year ago) we have been talking about teaching a class together.  This summer when she came to visit we finally made it happen.  She was such a good sport because she was 3 months pregnant and was deathly ill.  She pulled herself off the couch from throwing up all day and came to class.  So...yea..she is awesome.  You probably can't even tell.  The first video is one of our all time favorite from the Zumba sistas on you tube.  So now the zumba sistas- in-law are doing it...:)

This next one is just CAH-razy!  Floor on Fire.  Everyone just basically has to stop dancing so that they can just watch Mindy do the chorus part.  Hilarious.  I couldn't get the end to cut off, so you get some extra songs at the end.

And... Love like Woah.  Mindy made up the choreography.  It's a fun song and dance.   We are together maybe half the time.  Should have practiced that one a little more. :)

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